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The Great Demon King
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35 Chapters
1494 W/C


Are you a crazy person who is utterly bored of seeing shounen characters who know what to do at any point of the Series? And also the fact that there boring? Do you want to see blood and a ruthless manic character who hate humans? Or are you really a manic, like the mc to see blood scatted across the world as heads go flying left and right. Do you want to see a character raise up to be the greatest and actually put effort and hard work to raise up and not just get lucky and suddenly the MC is overpowered as fuck? Well I mean sure this guy is going to be overpowered at some point but the normal way well depends on what you define as normal. A retired ex-soldier and a current Business Owner or should I say former Business Owner you will see soon enough, Sirus gets caught in a crime scene getting shot 7 times, 5 in the chest and 2 in the head bit much don't you think Sirus gets reincarnated as a demon into a fantasy world. Where you will see his loved ones die but also take revenge and does whatever he wants.... most likely. Sirus shall be known as The Great Demon King. After sheer effort and hard work unlike..... that shounen character who didn't do shit. One day he will rule his own kingdom unlike any other Kingdom and he will do this with bloodshed or without it. And there will definitely be bloodshed, and flying heads or something. It will be a long journey but he will not fail! Of course, he won't because he's the protagonist, but life isn't a walk in a park so some shit is bound to happen. You're still here? Well go and fucking read the novel!


Male Protagonist Weak to Strong Reincarnation Demons Slow Romance Cunning Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist System Horror Comedy Action Adventure
Latest Release : Chapter 35: The Town Of Kurts