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/ Fantasy world / Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?

Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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30 Chapters
1398 W/C


In this novel, we follow the journey of a husband and wife who find themselves transported to a new world where the concept of immortal dao reigns supreme. However, they quickly discover that they belong to completely different daos - the husband following the path of the demonic dao, while the wife embodies the principles of immortal dao. Despite being separated by vast and dangerous mountains, the husband and wife long to be reunited and live together in this new world. However, their opposing daos make their journey towards each other fraught with danger and difficulty. The husband, who does not love the demonic dao, feels trapped by it and must confront the consequences of his past choices. The wife, meanwhile, is committed to the teachings of immortal dao and must navigate the challenges of her newfound position of power within this world. As they journey through this new world, they encounter various obstacles, including dangerous beasts, treacherous terrain, and powerful immortals who seek to keep them apart. They each face their own trials and tribulations, as they must make difficult choices and sacrifices to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of their reunion. Throughout their journey, they encounter other beings who have also been transported from their own worlds, each with their own unique dao. Together, they must work to overcome the challenges of this new realm and find a way to unite the husband and wife, while also learning to understand and accept the daos of others. As they make their way towards each other, the husband and wife must confront their own dao and the consequences of their past actions. They must come to terms with their true feelings for each other and make difficult choices to protect each other.


Transmigration Weak to Strong Cultivation Hard-Working Protagonist Demons Betrayal Romance Eastern Fantasy Tragedy
Latest Release : Destiny