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/ Harem / Gold Experience(GER) in DC

Gold Experience(GER) in DC
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23 Chapters
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The updates to this novel of mine will be slow as I am currently focusing more on my other ongoing novel. You can check it out if you want. Sunshine in Apocalypse(Escanor) Also for those who didn’t read the tags: MC will be OP at least try to be one. This will be a Harem novel I’ll try to write some events from the Novel with various enemies to challenge the League and the MC Females will fall for him a bit fast but there will be some emotional involvement and not just mindless drones. A bit of a Hentai when it comes to R18 SliceOfLife since you know I like to take my development of Plot slow with Action in literal and metaphorical sense. A loner who loves Jojo and DC after losing his parents in an elevator accident, decides to just hole up in his home and distract himself with something. So he finds Jojo as his first Anime. He loves the series and it’s bizzare powers along with those various poses. He was an avid fan of DC from the start. So he often fantasised about reincarnating in DC with Jojo’s stands and some perks when he read all those FanFics and didn’t find too many good DC novels except a few of them. Most of them were made on Marvel which he like but he wanted something DC related. So, he just opted to read some comics and make a FanFic of his own in his mind. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in the novel or the cover picture. I will remove it if the owner asks.


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