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/ Romance / Hearth and Home

Hearth and Home
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7 Chapters
2099 W/C


Gae Lia Shulaya is the heiress to the Shulaya Mafia Family. She's a powerful Wizard, Loyal friend, and hero of a secret war. But she got hurt, badly hurt in that battle. She even lost her elder sister. Because of this, in a move to protect his now only daughter, her father hired a Bodyguard to protect her. Morloth Macabre is a simple Orc woman hired to be the bodyguard to an Heiress. Easy job right? Things get complicated when she ends up starting to fall for her charge. Follow these two as they fall slowly in love and the consequences that will bring. Enjoy the official playlist: Cover Art by Hakka_Art commissioned by me.


Female Protagonist Clever Protagonist Magic Strong Love Interests Fantasy World Misunderstandings Aristocracy Special Abilities Slow Romance R-18