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The Flight of the Draykes
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113 Chapters
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Welcome to the Flight of the Draykes. This novel is a System-based sword and magic Western Fantasy with elements of gamelit (Dungeons) and eastern cultivation (The system). Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Action, Adventure, and a sprinkle of Romance and Comedy. Pacing: Slow at first before becoming a rollercoaster. Known Issues: First 6 chapters are the first draft chapters that have not been rewritten in their entirety which means lacking punctuation and abrupt POV shifts, and chapter 7 onwards has a jarring style change. Synopsis: Book 1 presents to you the world of Protos. Protos is the land of the blessed. Its inhabitants are of many different races but most of them have diminished in the long wars against the beasts that also inhabit Protos. This has led to humanity becoming the dominant species and eventually, all other races, including the beasts, have been banished to pockets of land where they survive on meager existences. However, Protos was destined not to be peaceful as the inhabitants could only fight off the beasts with the help of warforce. A bloodline system that allows them to activate their war potential and battle fiercely. Now, with the beasts defeated and the other races diminished, Humanity - having no common foe to fight turned upon itself for war was in their blood and their blood was again shed in rivers. As the years passed, Kingdoms and Empires rose and fell and eventually stabilized into an uneasy peace until - 300 years ago, the world went through yet another change. A change where the wielders of warforce now possessed additional powers that had been lost for millennia. These powers changed the face of war again and conflict which was dying down reignited madly. In this world was born Faustus Drayke, Scion of House Drayke - which in turn was the frontier protector of The Kingdom of Leon. Fate decreed him to be unimportant. His Destiny and the desperate prophecy of a powerless girl decreed that he will be an immortal. Set in the backdrop of betrayal, honor, and loyalty - Follow the tale of Faustus Drayke as he forges his destiny and becomes an immortal. For himself, he has to fulfill the prophecy. For the world, he better fulfill the prophecy. ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The inspiration for this book came from Smoke is a Path's TotRL - which has unfortunately been discontinued. I have no interest in finishing others' stories, but I love creating my own. So I took inspiration from TotRL and I created this vast original overreaching world of over 20 books. However, each book in itself is around 60-70 chapters. As such, expect the full story to be close to 1500+ chapters. The first book is complete and is in the form of a backlog waiting to be released. (update: apart from the first 6 chapters, everything is being completely rewritten with the criticism and feedback that I have received and as such, it's incomplete again and growing as we speak) Release Schedule: 3 chapters a day. 8:30 am - Eastern Standard Time (American Time) 8:30 am - Central European summer time (European time) Or (2:30 am American Time) 8:30 pm - Eastern Standard Time (American Time) All timings are subject to + or - 30 minutes. If you like this series, please do support me by leaving reviews that help me improve my writing, comments that inspire me to keep writing harder, and ratings that allow this series to be seen by more people. Thank you very much and cheers all! Horizon out. P.S - In the original work that I had written, the first book was 51 chapters long. Currently, the rewritten version of book 1 stands at 50 chapters long (Ongoing as we speak!) and it is essentially a giant prologue with lots of exciting moments in it. Imagine that! a prologue that is a volume in its own right! I'm excited to share it with you and I hope you like it! The rest of the first book is slated to cross 200 chapters and I think I have to revise my estimates for the length of the 20 books now. But it's a happy task to do so! :D


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