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/ FanFiction / Fairy-Tail: In Search of Lost Emotions

Fairy-Tail: In Search of Lost Emotions
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2 Chapters
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Life is so unfair, yet so fair that it's unfair to everyone. But is it? If there are winners in life, then there are bound to be losers, too. But what if someone lost everything he loves, cherishes, what if the entire world denied his existence? Cast him away to suffer in solitude! But the impartial life gave him a second chance. Born as an emotionless puppet solely to wage war, delve into the magical journey of the main character as he searches for his lost emotions and perhaps his lost love. --------------------- Note:- The story will have multiple self-inserts with many OC characters, places and magic. It's my second series so I don't want to make any blunders. The updates will be slow since I am focused on my Naruto fan-fic for now. Also, the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner. If you want to take it down, then inform me.


Male Protagonist Transmigration Weak to Strong Magic Sword And Magic Fantasy World Revenge Betrayal
Latest Release : 1. Mildian Magic Academy