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/ Fantasy world / Savior! Redemption in Another World!

Savior! Redemption in Another World!
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Vincent DeCourville was not a stupid man, supposedly. He was a young college student, who through a mix of luck and more luck was able to land a full-ride scholarship. That was about a year ago, the height of his life. Present-day, we find Vincent DeCourville plummeting off the side of his college dorms, a note and shoes left on the edge. However, for the first time in his life, Vincent defies his cowardly nature and declares, in his final moments, "I want to live, I'm too good to die here!" Unfortunately, gravity does not bend to the wills of man, and Vincent Decourville was no more. Until one man came to him upon his death, offering a hand. "So even the cowardly can be prideful in death. Perfect." And so, Vincent Decourville died but was given one more chance. One final chance to redeem his cowardly life, in another world! ---- Support me on sites such as RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub, and more!


Male Protagonist Magic Sword And Magic Fantasy World Reincarnation Monsters Hard-Working Protagonist Second Chance
Latest Release : One Fateful Night