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Saharan Successor
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A new place for gamers, their safe-heaven, a world where they could experience true freedom, appeared in their life, ‘Satisfy.’ This ambiguous name of the game would lead to its role, bringing satisfaction toward the users, either being by fighting monsters and levelling up, basking in the fame and prestige of this achievement, or simply staying in the shadows and exploring the true content of the game. Yet, such cases of people could be said to be endangered species because their dedication to the true story the game had to tell would be sometimes challenged. Such case is Mathias, who could be considered to be one among the pioneers of Satisfy, who showed the new players a window of what Satisfy was all about, yet slowly his image was lost rather quickly from the heads of the players with the coming of the famous players from the rest of the gaming industry. Does that mean that he was an irrelevant player, overshadowed by the apparition of these new players? Not at all. He was still doing his lore exploration, finding and reading the NPC’s stories as if they were the best books in history. . However, there will be a time when he will show himself to the world, taking everyone aback, with his newfound power, his iconic dark-red spear that was thought to be lost since the beta stage and receiving a larger than ever audience with his new appearance that signified dominance and demanded respect. He was the Saharan Successor, and his story will resound all over the Satisfy world. **** (End of Synopsis) *** ### Thanks for reading this synopsis and hope you are on the same wavelength as me with regard to reading and writing good stories. . . Discord: My patreon if you want to support me: ................................................................................................. Disclaimers: #This novel is a fanfic based on the game of the Korean Novel "Overgeared" by Park Saenal + the comics with the same name. However, if you don't want to read the original for whatever reason, you can be assured you don't need the knowledge of the original. # Elements of major VRMMO's novels, RPGs, will make their presence known, especially the ones from WoW and D&D. # All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s). # Art belongs to Chengwei Pan


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Latest Release : Vol. 2 - Chapter 9 - Arcane Awakening II