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/ Monke / A Monke's Multiversal Chronicles

A Monke's Multiversal Chronicles
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2 Chapters
1202 W/C


Chained before those who made his life a living hell, Ras The 4th, the only survivor of the Monke tribe, is to forever be showcased, humiliated, until his time will eventually come. Will he be able to make his escape, out of this hell hole? To enact his revenge? To slaughter every last one of those filthy vermin? To achieve his goals he must train and get stronger. And get stronger, he will. However, something that will thwart his goals and forever make him a hypocrite happens during his stay in that pain-filled place...


Male Protagonist Reincarnation Determined Protagonist Fanfic Action Adventure
Latest Release : A Monke's Noble Death