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/ Sci-fi / The Karma Players

The Karma Players
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27 Chapters
1755 W/C


Oliver was standing on a battlefield filled with chaos, scared not knowing what to do when another man with eyes filled with hatred ran towards him with his sword held up high. Oliver stumbled and fell on a dead body just near his feet like hundreds of others around him. Just when he was about to die ........ He woke up Was this just another one of his dreams or did it have a deeper meaning? Follow Oliver's journey when one day his life suddenly flips 180° and the world he knew changed to unknown. . . . . . . . . The real sci-fi stuff begins in volume 2 so just hang on to your seats till then, it won't be that long. . . The art cover isn't mine if you want it removed then just add it in the review... Thank you


Male Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Transmigration Weak to Strong Sword And Magic Game Elements Fantasy World Cultivation Determined Protagonist Gods
Latest Release : Chapter 27- The Real Young Master